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Safrina® born as an evolution of our first brand marketed in the domestic market called Artisan Natural Saffron. This new brand is the result of a thorough renovation and modernization, in regard to our concept and brand design; as well as continuous development and efforts to improve our products every day.

Our brand Safrina® offers a complete array of products like: Superior Saffron Filaments, Superior Saffron Powder and our Natural Paella Seasoning made only with selected spices and saffron and free of any artificial ingredient.

Safrina® belongs to the group Triselecta, one of the largest distributors of saffron brands internationally.

Triselecta® is fully specialized in selecting, packing and distributing finest quality saffron.

Our location allow us to access in short time any destination as we are just five minutes away from Malaga international airport. We have a state of the art and fully updated facilities to follow the most exigent standards.

Our commitment

We are fully engaged with our customers, that’s why we are always working for better serving their needs. Our main target is to make saffron an essential ingredient for an increasing number of consumers.

Corazón de Azafrán Safrina

We select very carefully our saffron only from the best sources to ensure it meets ISO3632 standard and it is of course 100 % pure. We have our own laboratory and we perform continuously tests in our independent laboratories.

Our facilities are updated every year to ensure product safety and only the best for our customers. We have an X-ray scanning and magnet system so that our product is completely free from any foreign matter.

Our company has the main quality certifications like ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO22000. Please click on the logo to download our certificates.

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You can use  Sabrina Saffron in your recipes. Surprise result ¡No artificial coloring agents!
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